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Brevard County DUI Arrests


Brevard County DUI arrests have been declining for the last 7 years. If you are arrested for a DUI in Brevard County you will not be able to get out of jail immediately. Florida law requires the jail to hold you until 8 hours have passed, your breath alcohol content is below .05% or your normal faculties are no longer impaired. When someone is arrested someone needs to get them out of jail. You have two options if they are not release on recognizance. You can either post a cash bond or use a Brevard County Bail Bondsman. Once they are out of jail the next step is the administrative review and hiring an attorney. As of 7/1/2013 a driver accused of DUI now has 3 options in dealing with the administrative suspension of their driver’s license. They can do nothing and accept the suspension, they can fight the suspension or for first time DUI arrests you can do a waiver and immediately get a hardship. Each of the options has advantages and disadvantages. A Brevard County license attorney can help you with choosing the option that is best for you. A DUI case is serious and you should consult with a Brevard County DUI attorney to avoid making costly mistakes that could result in jail. Time is critical because after 10 days valuable rights will be waived and your license will be automatically suspended resulting in 30 days without driving on a breath test and 90 days without driving on a DUI refusal. If proper steps are taken you can drive every day after a DUI arrest.

Seminole County DUI Arrests Decreasing

The number of DUI cases continues to fall in Seminole County for the third straight year and four of the last five years. Seminole County had 1,269 DUI arrests in 2008. That was the beginning of the almost continues slide in DUI arrests. In 2009 Seminole County had 1,056 arrests followed by a slight increase of 1,116 in 2010 then back down to 1,086 in 2011 and finally 833 in 2012. This coincides with a five year decline in DUI arrests in Volusia County and for all of Florida. 2008 was also the beginning of a 5 year slide in Florida DUI arrests. Florida had had 64,654 DUI arrests in 2008. In 2009 Florida had 63,019 arrests followed by 58,174 in 2010 then 55,772 in 2011 and finally 53,664 in 2012. DUI arrests are down locally and state wide but we don’t really know why. Is it the fear of increased enforcement, changes in public opinion, the result of anti-drinking and driving marketing campaigns, the result of changes in the economy or the result of the police just catching less drunk drivers. If you are accused of a DUI in Seminole County contact Sanford DUI attorney Kevin J. Pitts.