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In Daytona Beach if you are pulled over by police three things can happen. You can be released, you can receive a civil traffic infraction or you can be charged with a crime. With a traffic infraction it can be a moving violation or a non-moving violation. Moving violations are things like speeding tickets or running a stop sign. They are typically ore expensive than non-moving violations. Non-moving violations are typically things like a light being out or license, insurance or registration issues. Non-moving violations do not carry points. With a criminal traffic infraction you might be arrested or issued a notice to appear in court. With a non-criminal Daytona Beach traffic ticket you have the option to pay it. When we look closer at this option it actually gets the driver the worst possible result. When a traffic infraction is paid the driver gets points on their license and insurance rates can increase for years. Daytona Beach traffic ticket Kevin J. Pitts can almost always keep points off your license keeping insurance rates down, can challenge the citation and try to get the ticket dismissed or can attempt to negotiate for an amended citation to save the driver money. Mr. Pitts can also keep you out of traffic court by filing paperwork to waive your appearance.

It you are accused of a crime two things can occur. You can be arrested or you can be released with a notice to appear. If you are charged with a Daytona Beach DUI you will be arrested. When arrested for a DUI Florida statutes also provide mandatory hold times. Cases like Daytona Beach driving on a suspended license or a Daytona Beach marijuana possession can result is a notice to appear or an arrest. Factors that are considered in issuing a notice to appear are criminal history and if the individual has failed to appear in court previously. A notice to appear (NTA) is basically a promise to go to court. The obvious advantage of a NTA is that it avoids incarceration while waiting to bond out. The NTA also saves you money by not being required to post a bond and can save you the hassle of dealing with pre-trial services. Crimes line a Daytona Beach no valid motorcycle endorsement or a violation of corrective lenses driving restriction will almost always result in a NTA.

Traffic ticket, notice to appear or arrest a Daytona Beach defense attorney can help. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts focus his practice on criminal defense. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts has a background as a DUI and misdemeanor prosecutor handling thousands of traffic cases before going into private practice. Contact Daytona Beach traffic attorney Kevin J. Pitts to set up a free consultation at 386-451-5112.

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Daytona Beach DUI attorney Kevin J. Pitts handled over 5,000 cases as a DUI prosecutor and defense attorney. Mr. Pitts has successfully completed the 16 hour breath test operator course in Seminole County giving him valuable insight into the Intoxilyzer 8000. If you are fighting a breath test you should have a Volusia County DUI lawyer that not only has been tested on the Intoxilyzer 8000 but who also knows how to operate it. The Law Offices of Kevin J. Pitts has offices in Daytona Beach and Sanford. View all posts by daytonabeachduiattorney

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