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First Daytona Beach DUI Penalties BAC Over .15% Or Minor In The Vehicle

If you are arrested for a DUI in Daytona Beach or the surrounding areas you are exposed to certain minimum and maximum penalties. The penalties for a first Daytona Beach DUI with a minor in the car or Daytona Beach DUI BAC over .15 Florida Statute 316.193(4)(a) include: $1,000 fine plus court cost, 6-12 months of probation, 6-12 month driver’s license revocation,  0-270 days jail, 10 day vehicle impound, 6 month ignition interlock with P restriction on the driver’s license, Alcohol Safety and Education Class or the out of town equivalent, MADD Victims Awareness Panel and 50 hours of community service with the option to buy out at $10 per hour. If you are accused of a DUI in Volusia County contact Daytona Beach DUI attorney Kevin J. Pitts.