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Why You Should Fight A Daytona Beach Careless Driving Ticket

Paying a traffic ticket gets you the worst possible result in your case. It guarantees that you will be adjudicated guilty, get points on your license and your insurance rates can increase even if no property damage occurred. So what happens if you fight the Daytona Beach careless driving ticket? The attorney can challenge the factual basis on the ticket. If it is inadequate the citation will be dismissed. We commonly see these mistakes on Volusia County careless driving tickets. The state must have a wheel witness and that often requires not only the officer that issued the citation but also a civilian witness that observed the crash. If either party misses court the case should be dismissed. In non-accident careless driving cases the officer must show that the driving endangered a person or property of another. If they cannot establish that element of the case it will be dismissed. Volusia County had 4,541 careless driving tickets and 1,525 of those tickets went to court. Just over 47% of the cases challenged were not guilty or dismissed. Adjudication was withheld on over 35% of the tickets and the accused was adjudicated guilty on just over 17% of the tickets. What this means for you is that over 82% of drivers in Volusia County came out of traffic court in a better position than if they would have paid the citation. Contact Daytona Beach traffic ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts for a free consultation at 386-451-5112.