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Seminole County Juvenile Attorney

When a child is unexpectedly arrested for an alleged crime in Lake Mary, Longwood, Winter Springs, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Casselberry, Sanford or the surrounding areas in Seminole County it can be scary. Your son or daughter has their entire life in front of them and you do not want them to be dragged down by a criminal record. An experienced Seminole County juvenile defense attorney can help mitigate the damage of an arrest. Your child has valuable rights and potential defenses. Seminole County also has diversion programs available to avoid a criminal record. A skilled juvenile attorney has multiple options to attempt to avoid a criminal record. If all else fails negotiation can be used to make sure that the charge can be expunged or sealed in Seminole County. The prosecutor makes the charging decision but when mitigation is presented it is not uncommon for a prosecutor to amend a charge to avoid destroying a child’s future.

Attorney Kevin J. Pitts and Kelly Johnson both have experience prosecuting and defending juvenile cases. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts started his career as a juvenile prosecutor in Daytona Beach. He moved on to handling DUI, domestic violence and other misdemeanor cases before going into private practice. Kelly Johnson is a former Seminole County prosecutor that spent time in the juvenile division before handling DUI, domestic violence and misdemeanor cases. After working for the State Attorney’s Office she went out into private practice. Our attorneys have offices in Sanford, Mount Dora and Daytona Beach. Call 407-883-6853 to talk to an experienced juvenile and criminal defense attorney.